You… The Earth… & The Whispers of Consciousness

Jan 7, 2016 | Environment

Is there something in your life you would love to change, and yet, it always seems unchangeable? The earth functions from consciousness. When you get more conscious, you will hear the whispers of consciousness that the earth is trying to deliver to you. Those are the whispers that can change the unchangeable in your world.

When you become more conscious, you stop destroying the earth with the ways you do things. Anger, rage, fury and hate create more damage to the planet than almost anything else. If you’re choosing to be distracted by these energies, you are choosing unconsciousness and anti-consciousness.

It’s kind of hard for the planet to whisper its awareness to you above the screaming intensity of your chosen distractions… have you noticed? If you would like to change this, you can begin by asking this question: “What is whispering at me that I don’t desire to hear?”

What if you would ask this every time you go outside in nature… would it create more space, more ease and more possibilities in your world than your usual head-tripping habits?

I am seeking big change on the planet. Are you aware your contribution to and with the earth is also required to create this change? That we cannot create it by ourselves?

What are we shooting for? There are a whole lot of changes going on with the earth, and you need to access this energy, this awareness that you have.

You need to be prepared for being the energy that can change everything and everyone around you, so that chaos and mayhem are not the standard by which people function in the future.

When you are willing to be these energies and have the awareness that the earth is whispering to you, anything you desire to change can and will change.

Will you allow the earth to nurture you through its contribution?

Will you nurture the earth with your willingness to receive the magic it offers you every single day?

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