X Men – Being the Future

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Children & Parenting

As an X-men, you most likely have a capacity as a visual thinker. This reality teaches you that to create you must have the vision of how something should be, put it out in front of you, and DO everything you can to get there. You may have noticed, this doesn’t actually work for you. You are different. You are weird. You are wild. You are whacky and I hate to tell you, but creating from this reality is never going to work for you! No matter how hard or how long you try.

The real future doesn’t have a picture. The real future is a possibility until you get to it. Creating the real future is being the energy of the future you would like to BE and then catching up to the future you have already created. You are the future. You just don’t want to know it.

If you would like to BE the future that allows for a different possibility, here are 3 things to consider:

1. What future are you refusing to be that if you would be it would give you everything you desire with total ease, including too much money?

You are seers of the future. As an X-men, you will have a multidimensional reality that cannot be confined, cannot be defined and cannot be described in totality. Instead of allowing yourself to catch up to that future, you keep trying to find the picture of what you need to choose to get there. It only shows up when you choose it, so you won’t be able to see it until you choose it. And, when you choose it, you no longer see it. You actualize it. You be it.

2. You cannot see the future. You can only be the future.

This is where you need to ask, “What will my life be like in five years if I choose this? What will my life be like in five years if I don’t choose this?” You cannot create a solid picture when you ask these questions so you cannot solidify the future.

When I do investments or anything, I always ask, “What will this be like?” Not “What will this look like?” It will either be contractive or expansive or it will be greater than I can possibly imagine.

3. What’s possible here that is greater than anything I can possibly imagine?

Your imagination is a limitation. Your imagination is about what you can see and what you can see limits you. When you start to ask, “What’s possible here that is greater than anything I can possibly imagine?” you go beyond what you see, you go beyond what others see, you open the door to perceive the infinite possibilities that are available that few are willing to acknowledge because it doesn’t match the limited, no-choice universe they live in.

You are the future. Not a solidified, fixed future, but a future of possibility. When you are willing to BE the energy of the future you desire, the future you desire can show up with ease.