Whose Lies Are You Living?

Sep 27, 2014 | Lies | 0 comments

Do you remember when the worst thing that another kid could call you was “a liar”? Did you do everything you could to resist and react and to prove him or her wrong? That’s how many of us responded, yet the funny thing is, that kid was actually telling the truth, although not in a way that most of us would ever have been aware of or would have recognized.

So are we really liars? Most of us lie to ourselves, about ourselves, all the time. Do you ever tell yourself that you are very limited, untalented, not great, not amazing, and not brilliant and that you need experts to tell you what to do because you know so little?

Do you notice how heavy that makes you feel? In Access Consciousness we have a tool: That which is true for you makes you feel light; that which is a lie for you makes you feel heavy. All of the ways we pretend to be pathetic are lies! Is that crazy or what?

Here’s one more crazy thing, most of us are committed to “tell the truth, the whole truth so help you God”. How often do people make every effort to say what we believe is the truth to others, even if it harms us, but we will never tell ourselves the truth about ourselves? Does that sound familiar to you? What does that create in your life? Would you be willing to change that?

If we could come out of this place of telling ourselves lies, we would be able to function from so much more lightness and possibility.
But, this is not what we are taught. Most of us were taught as children to cut off our awareness, both of what was happening, who people were and who we were.

As a little kid, you would have an awareness of something. Suppose you were aware that uncle Joe was an alcoholic or that your neighbor was going to die of her illness soon. If you voiced that, you would get into trouble. Either you would be called a liar in one way or another, or you would be told that you couldn’t know that. Was that true for you? As a child, was saying what you knew to be true acceptable in your family? Were you rewarded or reprimanded?

Many people, as children, decided that they had to keep themselves small and unknowing in order to please others and keep the peace. It was a survival tool, and while it might have been helpful for us as children, the difficulty is that most of us began to believe our own press!

How often have you used the phrase: “I don’t know”? That’s one of the biggest lies we can tell ourselves or others. We have the capacity to know everything, but we don’t take advantage of it.

So many of us don’t allow ourselves to know what we know because we would have to recognize that we had been lied to by our parents, society, the church etc., and we don’t want to make them wrong. Most of us would rather make ourselves wrong than make someone else wrong. What if you took the charge out of wrong and just acknowledged that the information you were given was not correct or accurate? Many parents just pass on the information they were given.

Another reason people don’t allow themselves to know what they know is that they really don’t want to be aware. Are there many things in this reality that you would rather not be aware of? Is it fun knowing that most of the world functions from sadness and anger? Not really! Yet when we are willing to acknowledge that all people are choosing what they are creating, and are willing to keep choosing more consciousness, worlds and universes open up in ways that are beyond anything we can imagine!

Another big lie that many of us tell ourselves is contained in all of the ways we define who and what we are and who and what we are not. Are you really no more than the roles you play, your likes and dislikes, and your gender? Or are you an infinite being who is capable of choosing anything?

Asking question is a great way to begin to break through the lies that you have been telling yourself. Remember, questions empower, while answers disempower. If you began to ask questions about all of the “truths” you bought as a child, might that begin to change a few things?