Where Happiness Becomes A Choice

Mar 29, 2018 | Choice

If you have no projections, expectations, separations, judgments, and rejections, you can actually be happy!

It’s always wrong to be happy. Unhappiness makes you right. Happiness makes you wrong. Ever notice?

You have to get that the choice is to be right or to be free. Most of you would give up freedom for rightness every time. Good idea? Bad idea? What would you rather have?

The only freedom there is in life is the ability to choose. Which one are you most willing to have? The ability to choose? Or the rightness of your point of view?

Freedom is being able to choose anything. Rightness means you have chosen.

If you’re willing to be totally free, losing is not a reality. Most of you are not willing to be free enough to have the choice to lose or the choice to win. You have to ask: “What do I want? The freedom to choose? Or the rightness of my point of view?”

You’ve got to look at this on your own and ask: “What is most valuable to me? The rightness of my point of view? Or the freedom to choose?” This is the place you have to look from and choose from. If you had the freedom to choose anything, what would you choose? Most of you would choose to be right over choosing to create.

You do projections and expectations because you’re trying to make sure that nothing has to change and everything will remain the same, so you get to have all the control and be totally right.

What I’ve noticed is we create stuff as real and true when it isn’t, and we create things as not real and true when they are. So is anything real and true? No. The only thing that is real and true is what we make real and true. Good thing we’re cute!

The purpose of projections and expectations is not to be aware but to be right.

What else is possible?

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