Where a Benevolent Capitalist Begins

May 17, 2015 | Business

Benevolent Capitalism is a system for creating a sustainable future with business and the planet. It’s a pragmatic way of being and functioning in the world that allows you to expand every area of your life, including your money, and for it to grow easily with the contribution that you are willing to be and receive.

Benevolent Capitalism is where you, by your generosity of spirit, and your desire for everyone and everything to become greater, will look for how you can create a change that will have the greatest contribution and do the least harm.

Create Change

Most people would rather believe they are limited in what they can contribute. They go to the problem rather than creation.

As a Benevolent Capitalist, you get to have a different point of view, which would be to look at what you can change and create. Every day, I ask the question, “What can I do, or what can I create today that will create more for me and everybody else?” If you don’t come from the perceived problems or limitations, the end results will be that there will be more for everyone. Neither you nor anyone else is excluded from having more.

Instead of looking to try and get it right in business, being willing to change your business as it needs to change, will ensure that your business will never have to diminish and die.

You become aware of the change you can create when you ask “what do I need to change today, what do I need to be and do different to make my business grow and create a more sustainable reality?”

Outcreate, Don’t Compete

How can you be a Benevolent Capitalist with all the competition in the market?   What if you would not lock yourself into competing for the same dollars by doing what everybody else is doing, but look to how you can outcreate them, and yourself, every day?

When you do competition you have the point of view that other people have a product that is like yours. If you have the point of view that your product is like someone else’s, then you only can see what you can create that is like theirs.

To outcreate rather than compete, look at what other people are creating and ask the question of “how do I outcreate this?” I always look for the creative edge, which is where you can create something that does not yet exist. This allows inspiration to come, and if you use what will inspire another possibility, you will succeed where others cannot.

Don’t Limit Your Financial Zone

What is your financial zone? I see all kinds of people looking at their one little area, they get fixated and the end result is it doesn’t work well.   For example, if you see business as occurring only in your city – you will not create beyond the town limits. If your point of view about finances are connected to the town, and if the town is not economically prosperous, that’s a huge limitation. Same goes if you “niche” yourself or your product.

A Benevolent Capitalist knows that there are possibilities and opportunities in everything that shows up, and will look at what shows up as a possibility and not a difficulty.

“What else is possible?” is a Benevolent Capitalist point of view. If you asked that question all the time, what could be created that you are currently not creating?