Projected Future Reality

Aug 16, 2015 | Environment

Most people don’t have the idea that they have infinite choice. We are told to create the future based on the menu of no-choice that is handed to us from parents, friends and other people in our lives.  Have you ever had anyone say to you “well you have made your bed, now you have to lie in it”?  That is a projection and judgment of how you have to create your life – a projected future reality – and nothing to do with what is actually available to you.

“I have to be or I have to do,” is a projected future reality. It is the idea that once you have decided what you have to be or do, then your reality is set in concrete for your entire future. You are trying to come to conclusion, rather than be in the question that would create a greater possibility for you.

“I chose, so I have to do this” is also a projected future reality. It is not living in the moment to create the greatest result for you, it is eliminating the future you could have in favour of a limited projection. What if you created your life for the fun of it, and not the pain and suffering of it?

If you want to create a life that actually works for you, you have to ask, “What would I really like to have as my life? Where would I like to live my life from?” Not, “Where does it have to be and what do I have to do?”

Pretty much everyone has a projected future reality about the planet. People who are doing ecological drives, saving the whales, or chaining themselves to trees are doing it from the point of view that this is going to save the earth. But they are not looking at the things that are being done that are not helpful. They have a fixed point of view that there is a right way and this is how the earth must be saved. Is that a question, or conclusion?  It’s total conclusion.

They are not looking at what is going to have to change in order for the planet to thrive. With all the dumping they are doing in Fukushima, how much longer are you going to be able to eat seawater fish and seafood? How long will it take for the radiation levels in the fish and seafood to rise to the point where it becomes cancer inducing? Right now we have all kinds of projected realities and fantasies about how it’s all going to work.

I see that the earth has a way of balancing and taking care of itself. I know that no matter how much mankind tries to destroy it, he will destroy himself first. Nothing changes in mankind. They have been killing each other for thousands of years. Mankind is going to continue doing what he is doing until he stops doing what he is doing.  What are you going to have to be different that you are not being that would change all that?

Solutions that governments come up with are not even based on projected realities. They are based on studies they did to prove what they already decided was true. George Bush had studies created to prove that global warming didn’t exist. There are still people in the United States who believe that global warming doesn’t exist, based on George Bush’s scientific studies. You can pay off anybody to say anything. In the United States, you pay some scientist, and then everyone believes it because the scientist said it. You paid the scientist to say something, people may buy into it, but it doesn’t make it true.

These are the places where we create a projected future reality that can never be.  If you are solidifying the projected future that can never be, as though if you work hard enough you can make it come into existence, you are erasing the possibilities of the future.

I don’t do projected realities. I go: “What’s really going to happen here?” It’s always a question, not a conclusion. To have a projected reality, you must do conclusion. To create a problem in your life, you must do conclusion.

What if we had no projected realities about the planet, no projected realities about money, no projected realities about economy, no projected realities about consumerism?

You create the future of the world by the places where you create a projected future reality.  What future would be available for you, and the planet if you gave up your projections in favour of a question that created a different possibility?

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