What is Your Brilliance?

Oct 26, 2015 | Thinking

Brilliance is awareness exponentialized into greater possibility. Brilliance is not thinking, even though this reality considers intelligence to be an essential element of being brilliant. Have you misinterpreted the joy of thinking as brilliance? Have you judged you as not brilliant? Did you give up your brilliance because nobody else would acknowledge it when you were brilliant? Is this what is stopping you from creating the greater possibilities you desire to create?

What if your awareness is far more valuable than your thoughts? Brilliance is a choice; not a judgement of how smart you are, or how good you are at thinking. It’s a willingness to look at what will create the most in your life.

Are you committed to brilliance or to thinking? Is thinking a way to keep you and your life as smaller than it could be? What would be different if you committed to brilliance instead of thinking? Pretending you are not brilliant is a great way to make yourself pathetic and ‘less than’ who you truly be.

When you are not willing to commit to something it is because you have decided it is too big. The real commitment is to be the change you actually are for the world. How many people could you change by making the choice to be brilliant?

How do you invite brilliance into your life? Asking a question creates greater possibilities. Here are three questions you can ask:

  1. What brilliance am I refusing to be, that if I would choose it, would allow me to create a reality beyond this reality?
  2. Who or what would I have to be in order to be the brilliance of me, I truly be?
  3. What energy, space and consciousness can I and my body be, to be as brilliant as we truly be?

Thinking is a way of fitting into this reality, rather than allowing your brilliance to create what you are capable of. The reality is, you are way more brilliant than you want to know. What are you aware of that other people are not? Brilliance is that place where you are willing and able to see something that other people do not see. It’s where you’re willing to see the difference. Massive amounts of money can be made by that willingness to see what other people are unwilling to see.

Are you ready to stop dumbing yourself down? What brilliance can you be today that you’ve never been before?

Don’t try to work it out… just ask the question! What is Your Brilliance?

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