What is consciousness?

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Being Present, Choice

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing®. Now the interesting part about it is, there are all kinds of people who talk about how you have to be more conscious and do more consciousness and all that kind of stuff. But 90% of what’s out there doesn’t actually have a definition for consciousness. Access is the only thing that has a definition for consciousness which is it includes everything and judges nothing. So most of these people are trying to find a way to be conscious without having an awareness of what they’re trying to be. And so you’ve got to get, if consciousness includes everything and judges nothing, does that mean it includes sadness and tears and anger and upset? Yes. Consciousness includes all of it.

Access is really about giving you a place where you can use the tools to create greater consciousness, greater awareness and less judgement in your life so you have more choices and more possibilities. If you have a difficulty and you have no point of view about it, everything changes so you can have the gift of you.

The greatest example I have is when my children were teenagers, they would stay up late and I’d go to bed early. I’d get up early in the morning and the kitchen would be a mess. I’d be thinking can’t you guys clean up after yourselves? What’s the matter with you little shits? And I would be all upset and pissed off. And one morning I got up and I went “eh”, interesting point of view. And I started cleaning up the kitchen, and it was like all of a sudden the kitchen was totally clean in ten minutes, where before it used to take me an hour. So what was the difference? I had no judgement. I had no point of view about it. And I can get it done faster. I also stopped resisting my kids making a mess and they started making less mess.

That’s being more conscious because it includes everything and judges nothing. If you include everything and you judge nothing, then all things can change. But if you have a fixed point of view, or you get upset then it just solidifies that point of view. You’re taught that you have to judge things into existence here.

It’s like when all of you were in school and you didn’t get the right answer, what did you have to judge? That you didn’t get taught right, that you didn’t know that you knew what you know. No one ever asks you how did you come to this conclusion? I am always more interested in how you got to the result you got to than what you chose that wasn’t right. I always look to get to the recognition of how did you create that? That way you don’t have to come to a judgement, you can just ask what is actually possible here I haven’t even considered?

Few people have an awareness that they create their lives. Long before I did access I realized that everything I chose was what was being created in my life, and I wasn’t happy with what I was creating at the time. So if I can create what I’m not happy with, what could I do different so I could create something I’m happy with?

So the question becomes how can I create something different? Or how can I choose something different? A whole different point of view. And people need to be willing to look at that different point of view without a judgement. People say they want to change something, and then they ask “How do I change this?” How you change it is by choosing different. Everybody acts like it’s such a hard thing. “What do I have to POC & POD to be able to choose different?” Just choose different. Nothing is difficult unless you think you can’t choose it. The reality is you can choose anything. What do you want to choose? We have so many more possibilities than most people get.

What’s this going to create is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. If I get angry at this person, what’s this going to create?

You cannot get if you are still functioning from a definition of what it’s supposed to be. And it’s this place where you have to function from the recognition – What is this?

The less defined you are, the less you have confidence. If you learn to listen so that it sparks your imagination and your awareness, a whole different universe opens up. You begin to hear what is not said the more you live in this question of what’s actually going on and stop trying to come to conclusion about how to facilitate or anything. And you’ll just hear somebody say something, and it isn’t what they said, but you know it’s what they’re thinking or what’s in their universe.

Now the basis of Access is to get people to start to look at what questions they can have and we do our best to get people to choose that. But people don’t always choose it. And I can’t make them. But if I do that so they start to get the idea of having a question so that they begin the process, and eventually they get to the point where they just are a question.

What is actually possible I haven’t chosen yet? What if you knew you could choose anything. See unfortunately I have the point of view that you can. But I should get over myself. See you would have to recognize that everything that you have created in your life, the good, the bad and the ugly, is your creation. And most people don’t really want to know that, they want to believe that things happen to them and that things happen by accident. It didn’t happen, you create it, you create everything!

I’m always looking at the question, always looking at what is it that’s going to create a different possibility here?


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