What Is Beyond Saving The Earth?

Jan 6, 2016 | Environment

If enough of us choose, we can change what is occurring here on planet earth, and eliminate the place where we destroy all the species, we destroy everything that is here, where we use up and consume everything, and where consumption becomes more real than possibility. This next ten tears is the most crucial ten years in the history of planet earth. YOU can change it.

Changing what occurs is not about saving the earth. It is about creating a different reality. Inviting different possibilities. Making different choices. Asking different questions. You cannot create from judgement of what is ‘wrong’. You cannot create a different possibility by saving the earth. That is an assumption that something is wrong. What if you are aware of a future that is far greater than what we are currently headed for?

You create this future by asking questions that invite new possibilities…

  • What does the earth know about you?
  • What do you know about the earth?
  • What does the earth desire to contribute to you that you’re not willing to receive?
  • What’s it going to take to create something different?
  • What could I choose that would create a greater possibility than what exists?

Each one of you is a miracle that you have not acknowledged. That fact that you are willing to look at what you’re willing to look at, the fact that you’re willing to choose what you’re willing to choose, the fact that you’re willing to change what you’re willing to change is a miracle.

This planet is a miracle. This planet has a capacity to contribute to you and your life in ways that you have never been willing to receive. The miracle of Avatar (the movie) was seeing how these beings lived with the energy of the planet and the interconnectedness of it (which I would call communion). Recognising how that related to all beings of the past, all elements of the past, and still didn’t make the past more significant than the present. Recognising that energy is only borrowed from the planet, it is not used or consumed. I would like us all to get to the place where we recognize how we can change what has been consumption into the energy we owe to the planet that has not yet been returned. When we get it and begin to contribute more energy to the earth, things will change.

My reality would be an earth in which destruction would not be a necessity, but a possibility. Destruction would not be the status quo, but a choice. Molecular communion would create a generative capacity. Communion would be a recognition of what is, not what has to be, should be, or could be.

Are you willing to know what the future can be?

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