What is Benevolent Capitalism?

Apr 12, 2015 | Business

What would the world be like if everything that existed on the planet contributed to a future that is sustainable and expansive for everyone?

To truly change the world, there needs to be a different kind of conversation going on globally about what business can actually be.

What if businesses worldwide began to function differently and looked at capitalism as the source for creation of change and contribution to all rather than the source for just lining pockets or becoming richer at the expense of other people, and the planet?

True Capitalism is highly innovative and highly creative; it’s what you do to create money and a different possibility on earth. Benevolence is choosing to do kindly, to do as little harm as possible.

Becoming a Benevolent Capitalist means you are willing to look from a different place with business and with everything in order to create something greater than what is currently here; to create more possibilities so that we can have some kind of sustainable future.

What is Sustainability and Sustainable Future?

Many people judge that sustainability is about being able to produce more of the same indefinitely, or that is about fixing damage. But what should we really be looking at when we are talking about creating a Sustainable Future?

A truly sustainable future is one where the world continues to grow and expand far beyond what it currently is.

It’s not about taking, using up or wearing out the earth. It is about what we do that opens a door to a level of possibility in the world that allows the earth to generate and create itself and allows us to benefit from what is creating and generating.

To do that, we need to be aware of what our choices are going to create. For example, in South America, rainforests were burnt out to plant crops to feed cows and sell the meat to places like McDonalds. None of that is sustainable, because you don’t have the underlying structure that supports that kind of planting, and so it will wear out after five years. After that, the land is destroyed and there is no more business profit either.

If you were willing to be aware that the choices you made in business were killing your resources and profit beyond the short term, would you make a different choice?

If you are willing to see what isn’t working, and are willing to function from the question of “what else is possible that I have never even considered?” you will begin to invite awareness of a greater possibilities and choices that you never knew existed.

Everyone can become a Benevolent Capitalist

Whether you are a janitor, a stay at home Mom, a teacher, an entrepreneur, or a school kid, everyone knows something that contributes to expanding the world, and everyone has the capacity to be a catalyst for change. What do you see that others don’t? And what do you know that can contribute to the possibilities of the planet?

What Is Benevolent Capitalism Really?

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