What if Money Was About the Possibility and Not the Problem?

Apr 4, 2017 | Money

Most of us tend to look for the problem rather than the possibility, whether it’s about money or anything else. We have a tendency to think, “I’ve got to handle this problem.” But what if everything was about the possibility and nothing was about the problem?

With money, everything has to be about possibility, never about problem, because when you look for the problem, you will always create the problem in order to create the possibility. You keep trying to avoid that which will actually work in order to prove that your life doesn’t work.

If you would like to change this, if would like to make money about the possibility rather than the problem, here are 7 questions to consider.

1. Do you have a definition of you that defines you by the level of money you currently have?

The reason you have a problem with spending money, the reason you have a problem with having money, the reason you have a problem with anything to do with money is that you have decided you are stupid with money. Isn’t it interesting that you like eliminating money from your life? That you like not having it?

2. If you had no monetary problems, what would you create?

If you had to create your reality beyond anybody else’s reality, what would occur? You’d have to get to a place where your brain goes out to lunch, and possibility begins to eat at the limitations of your reality so you start to create a reality that works for you. Are you willing to be the awareness of those possibilities?

3. What do I need to do or what do I need to be that would bring this to actualization with total ease?

You choose to be somewhat aware but rather than actually being aware, you keep trying to see that something else is necessary, something else is proper, or something else has to happen. It’s not “Something else has to happen.” It’s “What do I need to be or do to actualize this?”

4. As long as money is more valuable than you, can you choose consciousness?

The universe has your back when you ask it to send you what you need. You have to ask it to contribute to you. Do you ever ask the consciousness of the universe to contribute to you? You ask for everything except the consciousness, which knows more than you do in every respect, to actually deliver what you are asking for.

5. What would happen if you were willing to have the consciousness of the universe contribute to you?

Money is something you use to change people’s reality. What amount of money can you use that would change somebody’s reality? In every moment, you’ve got to ask “How can I use the money I have to create a different reality for someone right now?” You’ve got to be willing to look at that, because the purpose of money is not about having more of the stuff you think you need to own.

6. What question do I have to be to create a different reality with total ease?

You have to look at how you want to live your life, because as you begin to create your life, the universe starts delivering to you. When I was young and dumb and had no money, I was often around an aunt who had lots of money. She had beautiful things, she had beautiful rugs, she had beautiful china, crystal, and sterling flatware that she ate with every day. That was her reality. I said, “I want to live like that!”

7. What question do I have to be to create a different reality with total ease?

You have to create beyond this reality. Conclusion works only as long as you are not willing to expand your life beyond anybody else’s reality. Let’s say you’ve got a million dollars. That’s nice. What is it going to change? Is $10 million going to change much? Not if you hold on to it. Is a different point of view going to change reality?

For money to be about possibility rather than problem requires you to ask questions. It requires you to look from a different place. As you change your point of view about money and begin to live from the space of ‘what else is possible?’ everything in your life is going to start to change.