What Do Your Kids Know About Money?

Feb 4, 2017 | Children & Parenting, Money

Was money a forbidden subject when you were growing up? Did you have lots and lots of ideas for new businesses and great ways to make money that you were told you were wrong for having? Or perhaps you were ignored when you talked about them. Or told it was impossible and that one day you’d understand the real world. Or, maybe you just didn’t know how to take your ideas and actually create them.

Would you like for your children to have the same reality you had or would you like to be a source for empowering them to have something different? What if they could know what they know and you could encourage them to have fun and play with money? What would be different for you financially if you had been asked questions like “What do you know about money that no one else knows?”

Chances are you know way more than you “think” you know about money, cash, wealth and business and your kids do too. Would you be willing to allow them to know what they know? Would you be willing encourage their creativity and inspiration?

Here Are 3 Tips You Can Use With Your Kids to Empower Them With Money:

1.   Encourage Your Kids to Ask for Money.

Teach your kids to ask for money, have fun with money and look at the possibilities that can be created with money. Kids have so many brilliant ideas and they have endless amounts of energy to contribute to creating whatever it is that they are working on. For kids, it is often not about the reward for completing a project, but the thrill and enthusiasm for bringing an idea into reality.

You may have heard, “Ask and you will receive.” All too often we teach our kids the opposite of asking. We tell them asking is rude. Or that they should be content with what they have. But, the reality is, you to be willing to asking for what you desire. Asking doesn’t have to mean asking someone else; and it can. For starters, when your kids have a creative idea, teach them to ask, “What else is possible that I have not considered?” And, “What can I do or be today to create this idea right away?”

2.   Choose!

One of the great gifts of children is they come in with the point of view that everything can be done and nothing can stop them. They will ask questions. They will think of new ways of getting around things. They will scream, kick and cry until they achieve what they desire. This doesn’t always work for us as parents or adults, but what if we encouraged our kids to create what they desire? To go for it. To never give up.

As a parent, it’s not your job to “raise” your children, to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do. Instead, ask questions and then allow them to choose. Some of their choices will work out. Some won’t. But, when you are in allowance of their choices they will come to the awareness of what works for them and what doesn’t.

3.   Don’t Tell Them What They Should Do

Have you ever had someone tell you what you should do to plan for your future? Does it annoy the hell out of you? Do you think, how would you know what the future will look like for ME?

We create future based on the choices we make. Who is best placed to make the choices that create future for your children? That would be your children! So, rather than telling them what YOU think they need to know and what YOU think they need to do to prepare for the future, ask, “What can I do or be today to empower my kids to create the future THEY know is possible?”

You may not have been nurtured, encouraged and empowered to be the creativity you truly be as a child, but you can choose to be that for your kids. You can show them that something else is possible. Ask them questions. Allow them to choose. Encourage them to be aware of what their choice creates and, no matter how hard it may be, don’t tell them what to do. Empower them to know that they know.

Can you imagine what the world will be like and what possibilities for the future will be created when we acknowledge the contribution of our kids? It’s what you choose and be today that creates the future. So what can you choose and be today to create a new reality and future possibilities right away?

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