Using Money To Change Realities

Oct 10, 2015 | Money

The purpose of money is to change realities. The difference between spending money and using money is that using money becomes the source for creating a greater possibility. The change for me began when I started asking ‘How am I using my money to create a different reality, a different possibility and a different future?’

You have to be willing to use money to create a different reality, not to create a future as you perceive it should be. When you gift someone who is asking for change more money than they have asked for, you can change their reality. They start to believe in themselves. They know their life can change. Their energy expands and they stop living from a contracted space where they don’t have any sense of possibilities.

Your monetary contribution creates defining moments in other people’s realities. You can contribute by giving a gift or you can contribute by taking money away. When you deny someone money they have to create new possibilities. All choices create. You have to ask ‘What choice can I make here that will create a defining moment for a new reality?’

Where have you not used money to create change? Where could you use your money to create a new reality? Where have you already used money to create change that you haven’t yet acknowledged?
What futures could you create by asking the universe to show you every possibility for creating change with money? ‘What would be fun for me that would change reality?’ is a question you can ask every day.
If your reality with money is not enough for you, you have to keep going with the creation and generation that is available to you if you are willing to choose it. If you would like to have more money to change realities with, start by asking: ‘What can I be or do different today to create more money and more possibility right away?’

Never give in. Never give up. Never quit. The futures you desire to create become possible when you make enough money to change realities. How much money would that be for you? Where can you start today?

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