Unconventional Ways To Be Brilliant With Money

Oct 28, 2015 | Money

Money inherently has no value, it is only valuable according to what we arbitrarily decide is valuable. Having brilliance with money is being willing to perceive and know what others find valuable. Elements such as antiques, precious metals and jewels and property are perceived to have value.

When you are brilliant with money you will be willing to be aware of the future trends that can create an increase in your wealth if you invest in them. Ask the items you would like to invest in: “What would others pay for this?”

There is a difference between spending money and using money to create money. If you spend money on that which is detrimental to you, your body or your life, you will have nothing. If you are brilliant with money, you will always use money to create money. This does not mean you stop using money to enjoy your life.

If you use money to create your life and the world as greater, you invest your money to make money. Ask “How can I use money to get what I really want?” This doesn’t mean you don’t use your money to nurture you with great food, beautiful clothes or a comfortable home.

When you use money on nurturing your body it generates an energy of contribution for creating your future. Wearing nice clothes creates a different point of view about you. People judge that you have money. What does that create? More money! To have more money, ask: ‘What do I need to look like? What do I need to dress like? What do I need to walk like? Talk like? Be like?

Brilliance with money is about recognising where you can invest your money that will make money. It is not always linear. Do I make money on my horses? No. Do they create money? Yes! How? The energy they provide to me gives me more energy for creating money. Not everything is a direct line.

How many lies around money have you bought to keep you from having any? If you were brilliant with money, what would you be or do different?

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