Thinking So Hard You Are Blank?

Oct 31, 2015 | Thinking

Thinking gets in the way of living because it is not a creative process, it is a trap designed to keep you on your personal treadmill of repetitive misery. If you could have solved your situation by thinking, you would have done it by now. Thinking is the perfect trap. It keeps you going round in circles trying to figure out what can only be discovered through your awareness.

Over-thinking is a great way of hiding your awareness and your brilliance from you. You go blank when you get uncomfortable with the energies of creation and instead of creating, you fill in your world with conclusions that never quite work out. An alternative to constant conclusions is asking questions.

  • “What have I hidden from me, that if I would unhide it, would fill the blank with my true creative capacities?”
  • “What am I capable of that I don’t know I am capable of?”
  • “What would I really like to create here?”

If you would ask these questions every time you go blank, you may find your creative capacities begin to expand. You might even begin to change the world with your awareness, instead of maintaining the status quo with your conclusions.

Do you recognize that you came to change the world? Are you doing it? Why not? You are not willing to be everything that would change everything around you. You keep trying to figure out what you are supposed to do or why you are supposed to be here or what’s going to create the most impact. You spend more time thinking about it than you do asking, “What can I be today to change the world right away?”

Thinking postpones the joy of living. Headtrippers are always wondering if they would like to do something, rather than actually trying it out. There are no prizes for perfection. No princes in shining armour for wishful thinking or non-stop fantasies. If you are thinking too much, you get to live only in your head, instead of creating and generating the different reality that you keep thinking about.

The true artistry of living is the willingness to be the question that allows others to go places they haven’t been willing to go. Would you rather be the over-thinker that limits change or the artist that changes the world? Don’t go to the blank, just choose! You can always choose again ten seconds from now.

What if that is the true joy of thinking?

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