Thinking Like A Horse

Oct 30, 2015 | Horses

Using words to communicate with a horse is like speaking French to a Chinese person. It isn’t very effective. Horses communicate telepathically. When you expand your capacity to communicate telepathically and you invite the horse to create with you, the horse will do anything you ask of it.

Many autistic people have great ease with horses because they function in a similar way. There is no separation between the left and right brains and there is no separation of past, present and future. They are totally present and aware of everything and they don’t need words to communicate. That’s exactly how you need to be when you work with a horse.

Horses contribute to us dynamically. It is joyful for them to work with us. To ask a horse to do something you start by matching its zone of awareness and then asking it ‘can you do this?’ by thinking the pictures of what you desire into the horses head. You need to be as fast as the horse. It is always asking you ‘what’s next?’.

If you are not being the leader with the horse, you’ll end up on the ground or being walked over. The horse always knows when you are not present with it. It knows the moment you stop being nurtured by the energy it is gifting you. And its response shows you exactly how you are functioning in the world.

Horses can teach you to be a leader faster than any human being can. The feedback is immediate. Every horse is different and you cannot assume that what works with one horse will work with all others. When you are present with the horse and you stay in the question, you will develop your telepathic skills far beyond what you imagine possible. There is no exclusion in a horses’ world. They are present with everything and they have no judgement. Every moment is new to them. If you have exclusion or judgement in your world, you’ll miss some of the information that allows you to connect with the horse.

You’ll instantly know if you have created the connection that will allow you to create ease and joy together. Are you desiring to communicate with your horse for the joy of it? Or to prove that you can get it to do what you desire? When you go out to ride a horse, do you go out to succeed, or do you go out because it’s fun? That’s where you should live your life – from the fun of what you’re doing, not the success you’re going to get.

This is a different way of being with horses than you find most places. Are you willing to discover what will work for you and your horse?

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Listen to Gary discuss the Zone of Awareness on this soundclip:

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