The Value Of Your Voice

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Being Present, Confidence, Right Voice

There are all kinds of ways you can have your voice in the world. Right Voice for You is about finding your ability to write, to sing, to paint, to do artwork, being able to speak to audiences and finding the artistry of you in life. During these classes people learn to have a different voice in their whole lives not just on stage. Every single time somebody chooses to be the voice that they are in the world they change the world. This is what these classes were created for and this is what I would like to see more of in the world.


“I would like to create a place where people know they have value in the world.”


The target of these classes is to get you to the point where you go “fuck it” and go ahead and stand up and do it anyway, whatever it is you would like to do or be. It’s about giving people the confidence to know they can be or do anything they desire. Be willing to be that which allows people to create whatever they desire. Right Voice creates a place where you can be an inspiration for others and you recognize everyone has value even if they don’t know it yet.


By asking questions you can find out what is going on for people. Always be interested and ask questions, never tell people anything about you or explain anything you do until they ask you a question. Lack of information creates curiosity and possibility in people in a world where the majority looks to dismiss and not include. So never give answers, people will try to determine what they are going to dismiss from the answers you give them.


“Be interested and you will always win.”


What we start to ask people in these classes is to look at “Where do you have your voice and where do you not have your voice? Where would you like your voice to be stronger in the world? And what voice in the world are you being that you haven’t yet acknowledged?”


The purpose of Right Voice is to teach people they have different choices. You have to be willing to have the awareness of what people are not choosing and you’ve got to be willing to choose what could be rather than define what is. If you start to function from nobody is wrong and nobody is right, you start to create a different reality where no one is more, no one is less, and, they can choose it if they choose it.


“One of the purposes of Right Voice is to break the rules.”


How you walk in a room, the clothes you wear and the energy you be is what creates you as the valuable product that demands more from everyone and determines your level of success. Be willing to stand out and everyone will want to hear what you have to say.


You have got to add your sexual energy to your classes. I have watched people sing twinkle twinkle little star and add the sexual energy and it becomes way different. Sexual energy engages people and creates a different possibility. If you engage people, it is automatically an invitation. When you engage, you invite, but when you invite, you don’t always engage. The most engaging thing in the world is to have somebody who is aware of everything you are aware of. When you are silent, you engage people, because 99% of people on planet cannot stand silence.


“Silence is the greatest credibility”

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