The Power in the Pain

Sep 27, 2019 | Body, Change, Empowerment

With shingles, I have been experiencing a lot of pain. Constant physical pain. So, recently I started looking at the pain and the power in it.

Pain is what we try to avoid and if we’re trying to avoid it, what power is in it? There has to be incredible amounts of power in pain because it takes so much energy to create it, to hold on to it or to avoid it.

When you get frustrated – that’s a pain.

When you get that pain of frustration you try to avoid the areas causing the frustration rather than looking at what you can change.

What I’m starting to realize with my pain is that I can use some of that physical pain as a creative element, what can I create with this?

Pain is just an energy, all energies should be useful. And, as infinite beings we should have access to all energies. I always knew that I had access to energies that other people didn’t have. I never assumed a wrongness in an energy. I always assumed, what can this be?

The one thing that became real to me is that everything that is considered a wrongness in this reality is a strongness we all have access to and generally speaking don’t use.

Power is the ability to use any energy.

It’s not the avoidance nor the control over, or control of. I see people trying to use it to control, which isn’t going to really create.

What can you create with this power? What does this power give you as a source of creation?

This is one of the biggest conversations I’ve ever tried to deal with.

Listen to more of it here, a podcast interview called “What Is Pain” with my daughter Shannon O’Hara.

This is not going to be a quick and easy conversation – these are conversations going on in the advanced classes right now and so I’m having a telecall series to dive even deeper: What Power Are You Avoiding & How Do You Gain Power Back? December 1 – 3Go here to check it out!