The Phenomenance of Embodiment

Mar 13, 2015 | Body

The phenomenance of embodiment is about recognizing that your body is this wonderful gift that you actually created. But if you don’t use it, then you don’t get to enjoy it. If you had a beautiful piece of art and you put it on the shelf and just looked at it, would that be sufficient for you? Your body is not a piece of art. Your body is a source of possibility. What would it take for you to recognize that there is something greater you can do with your body than what you’ve been willing to do with it?

What would it be like to function beyond this reality with our bodies? I know this lady that’s a brilliant dancer. When she uses her body and starts to dance, she creates magic. When she is actually in that space with her body, she rides a horse brilliantly. Everything she touches with her body becomes something greater. And everyone she interacts with becomes more beautiful by the interaction with her phenomenance of embodiment.

Our bodies desire to help us in whatever we want to create, but we usually don’t ask. The reality is, if you don’t ask your body, you can’t find out what needs to change. For me personally, I was looking at my body and going, “Body, what do we need to be or do different?” I realized that I was spending a whole lot of time focusing on the fact that I was getting older. I was not asking my body what it wanted to create. If you ask your body what it wants to create, it might show you all kinds of stuff.

My mother, at age eighty, could run up and down stairs. Did she have the phenomenance of embodiment? Yes. She didn’t look like somebody who was old at all. She had a body like a forty-five-year old, when she was eighty. She wasn’t too fat; she wasn’t too thin. She was appropriately fleshed, yet not looking or acting her age at all. I realized that I was trying to act like my age. My mom didn’t. Why should I?

Some people may assume that the phenomenance of embodiment means walking through walls or transmigration. It’s really not about that. It’s about recognizing how to communicate with your body in a way in which everything that you create becomes greater. It’s about creating with your body, but it’s also about being connected to everything so that there is a different possibility.

The limitations of this reality are designed to stop you from creating something greater or different. Most people in this reality are focused on fulfilling their needs or the needs of others. What if you recognized that you were truly needless? When you get rid of needs, you open the door to possibility. As long as you have a sense of need, you have no awareness, nor any capacity to have awareness of possibility.

The phenomenance of embodiment is recognizing how when you embody, you embody this whole reality, not just your body. When you get that you embody this whole reality, acknowledging the gift other people can be is a way of creating more for yourself and everybody around you at all times. That creates a new possibility in the world, instead of assuming that there’s a limit to what can be.