The Leaders of the Future

Jul 6, 2018 | Change, Choice, Future, Leadership | 7 comments

The time is now. We cannot wait and watch any longer. It’s time to stand up and demand the change thats required for a greater future. We cannot be quiet while the current leaders of the world are degrading so much of what is great about mankind. We are the people that can choose to lead the change towards a future we would like to live with.

Human rights have been abolished, National Parks have lost protection, Nations are being divided and young lives are being lost to gunfire. It seems obvious that change is required and yet the people seem lost for direction when looking at the current leaders of the world. That is why I am asking you to stand up and take action, be the leader of your future and demand that this changes no matter what it takes.

Your time is now because you are alive, here with this world and all its inhabitants at this time. You are not separate from it, you are a part of this world and the way in which it gets created. Its how we engage with the world that shapes how it shows up everyday. It’s all of the choices we make and some that we don’t make that shifts the future of the world.

When we make different choices different possibilities become available. What possibilities are available to us that we have not yet considered? What future is available that we can now choose? When we stand up and demand to be the leaders of the future is when we open the doors to receiving the possibilities of what that can be. Being the leader is about the choices we can make now for the future we desire.

“Every choice you make contributes to creating the future, what future would you like to create?”

I often say “never wait, always create”, for me its this place where I realize that action is required now to change what Is going on so the world can have a greater possibility for the future. Its not going to happen if I wait, so I am always looking for the choices that are available that I can choose right now that begin to change things. I never wait, I always create.

When you ask for change and demand it of you the universe starts to contribute to your request and drops the gifts of choice and possibility that lead the way to the creation of a different future. You have to demand it and you have to choose it. It’s called being a leader of the future!

Gary Douglas offered a special free event on July 20th in Washington DC inspired by the group of kids who started March for Our Lives. If you’re one of them or would like to be a part of this change, please register for the replay, Leaders of the The Future. You ARE the leaders of the future! A statesman of possibility! To learn more, click here.