The Joy of Change & Creating A Phenomenal Life

Jan 7, 2016 | Choice

Creating a phenomenal life cannot come from maintaining the status quo or making the tiniest change possible as a pretence that you are actually changing. A phenomenal life does not come from comfort. It comes from making everybody else uncomfortable. And that is incredibly comforting… have you noticed? Or are you still trying to keep everyone happy, even though they’ll never choose it?

When you attend an Access Consciousness 7 Day Class, one of the targets is creating a phenomenal life. What is that for you? A life where you have the best of this reality? Or a life where you live beyond what others think is possible?

A life full of joy, peace and kindness is one which makes other people incredibly uncomfortable. In my world, uncomfortable equals joy – which is the one thing you are absolutely unwilling to have.

Your idea of uncomfortable is not knowing how you fit in with anything or anyone. When you embrace the space of uncomfortable and you allow the need of fitting in to go away, you can begin to have the true joy of change, faster than you’ve ever imagined possible.

If you were willing to have the joy of uncomfortable, you would be totally at home with the earth, the animals and the wildlife and all of the space they create. You say you desire change. Are you willing to have everything that goes with it? The space? The uncomfortable? The joy?

Space creates. You can’t have a phenomenal life without it. You can’t be you without it. The next 7 Day Class is in South Africa in February, at an amazing game reserve surrounded by the wild. You have the choice to feed your awareness or feed the lions. If you are aware you will know where the lions are in your life and you will create the changes you require and desire. If you are not aware you are going to get eaten and not in a good way.

This may be the strangest invitation to creating a phenomenal life you have ever received. If it made you at all uncomfortable, it is exactly where you need to begin.

What energy, space and consciousness can you and your body be to have the joy of uncomfortable with total ease?

For more information about the Feed Your Awareness or Feed the Lions class, click here.