The 3 Traps Business Fall Into

May 14, 2015 | Business

There are different ways that businesses are going to need to start functioning in order to have sustainability and profitability in the future. The world is not the same as it was 100 years ago, 10 years ago or even yesterday. If you try to create business based on what worked or what you decided was good or effective in that past, or avoiding what you judged was bad or didn’t work in the past, you will go backwards. If you desire to create the future, you have to be in the question of what is possible that you haven’t yet considered.

Are You Creating or Recreating?

Your business is in trouble the moment you go ‘what did we do best last year?’ That’s an imminent sign of stress in the future, because you are looking for the most successful thing in the past. What you really want to do is ask what else can be done, what could be changed, and what would create something greater? You have to keep looking at what you haven’t yet chosen, that is actually possible.

If you look to the past reference of how you performed before, nothing in the future can match up or go beyond. When you decide you did your best or are the best, you are not looking for better, you are only looking to re-create. Is the world the same world as it was when you had that success? No. So it’s impossible to re-create it anyway. Why would you try to re-create something rather than go beyond it?

Don’t Fix It, Do What Works!

I see a lot of companies decide they have invested so much in old systems that they must keep trying to fix them, instead of changing and doing something new.

At one point with Access Consciousness, we realized we did not have the online systems to cope with our global growth. We kept trying to fix what we had thinking we could manage. We spent $250,000 before we realized upgrading that system wasn’t going to work.  We had to start again and take an entirely new approach. We now have a new system that works far greater and will be make it easier for us to keep expanding.

You have choice. You can waste energy and time trying to fix something that doesn’t work. But if you desire to create a future that is sustainable, that will grow, you have to do something different. From my point of view, if something isn’t working, destroy it utterly, move on and go find something that does.

Expand your Zone of Awareness

Most businesses have the point of view of “this is our market”, and look only from within their niche. If you do that, you become a horse with blinders on and miss other opportunities – essentially you collapse your zone of awareness.

In fact, any fixed mindset such as “this has to work”, “this is how it always is, and how it should be”, “we have got it right’, or “we don’t want to lose money” will collapse your zone of awareness.

If you become a benevolent capitalist, you can expand your zone of awareness to see how your contribution to other businesses can contribute to yours in amazing ways. There is a bigger world out there and bigger possibilities available all the time – if you are willing to expand your awareness to include them.