Projections, Expectations…

Jul 2, 2015 | Approval

Projections, Expectations, Separations, Judgments and Rejections

How much have you got yourself caught up in the projections and expectations of other people? How much have you been disappointed by people because they have not lived up to your own expectations? What does that lead to? Do you judge them for having disappointed you? Do you judge yourself for having failed? Do you separate from them as a result of all that? How much choice do you have in that?

Projections and expectations are what you think someone will do even if they aren’t going to do it. Projections and expectations are things you put out there in the world that you would like someone to do because that’s what you want. If you are expecting something of someone, you are not being aware.

Most people have a lot of expectations and judgments projected on them at an early age. These can have very adverse effects on your body and being. Every time you allow yourself to be defined by somebody’s projections, expectations, separations, judgments, and rejections, you dissipate your being. How much have you chosen to not be you, in favor of somebody else’s point of view? When someone puts projections on you, you actually don’t have to buy them as real and true.

Before the age of two you do not perceive any difference between you and your parents or the people who were around you. You take on everything about them, including all of their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and their points of view. Then when you are a teenager and seek to rebel against your parents, you are also rebelling against you.

There are projections, expectations, judgments, separations, and rejections that are put on your body as well. How much of what your body looks like now is a result of that? Does that make your body feel light and airy? Or are you making your body suffer?

What if you no longer had to get people to see your point of view? What if you let them be where they are? What if you had no projections or expectations of anyone? Would your life be different?

I never have any projections, expectations, separations, judgments, or rejections of anyone. I am always perceiving, rather than believing. I am always capable of adjusting according to the moment. I am only surprised when people actually do what they say. I don’t believe what people say. I am aware of what’s coming out of their head. Instead of trying to be nice all the time, I am willing to be a demon bastard from hell. Are you? Or are you dedicated to being a doormat?

If you are the source of everything that occurs in your life, then you have to be willing to be the source of what changes the people around you too. You have to be the source for change and possibility and question. What can you change that would create something different? What question can you be that would change everything right away?

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