Unwrapping the Present Called You

December 2013 Teleseries

You got lots of presents for Christmas, you gave lots of presents for Christmas, but the one thing you never gave you was YOU!

Join Gary M. Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness, for this very special telecall series!

This class is about unlocking you, unlocking the place where you can actually show up as the gift you are because you know what? The world needs to have the gift called you.

Have you ever considered that you are a gift? Do you have any idea how amazing you are? Do you recognize that you are a contribution to the world?

What would it take to unlock you; to set you free? The world needs the gift of you. Would you do yourself a favor, would you do the world a favor and unwrap the magnificent and brilliant gift of YOU!!

“Taking part in these calls gave me an awareness that I could be a gift in every moment by getting out of my and Consciousness’ way. It was a priceless present to receive.” ~Cathie Harrison