Gold Call

Gold Club 2012 – All The Calls & Clearings

A variety of topics are explored through the year in one hour conversations with Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer and the members. Fun, funny, informative and a truly different perspective explored on every topic!

Topics include:

  • Creating Your Reality
  • The End of the World
  • Creating a Whole New World
  • The Joy of Living
  • What If
  • Choosing to Live
  • The Ultimate Source for True Creation
  • Your Partner for a Life Worth Living
  • What if #2
  • Definitely Different
  • Life Beyond Limitation
  • How Does Defense Impact Your Life

These calls are a jump into the deep end of a different possibility for you and your reality. What is possible you never considered? What if you are far more capable and greater than you have ever given yourself credit for? Would these calls and clearings be a contribution to you knowing that and being it?

The Generation of Life from Contribution – Dec 2011

What if you could begin to generate your life from contribution?

True generation begins when you function from choice, possibilities, contribution, and questions. When you start to function from that, you start to be able to create what you would like. Your priorities start to become what’s going to expand everybody, not just you.

Enjoy a totally new possibility in this phenomenal call from the Club Gold membership.