Talk to the Animals

Keynote with Gary Douglas

From Gary Douglas as the keynote speaker at the Celebration Metaphysical Fair 100th Anniversary in Colorado Springs, Colorado. USA.

What if peace was a natural state for animals? When you create or tap into a place of peace for your horse, dog or cat, then everything becomes calm, cool and collected…you’re in the zone.

Did you know that every animal, plant and structure on this planet has consciousness and desires to gift to you? If you are unwilling to receive, then you miss out on what they wish to give you.  You also limit your ability to receive in every area of life…the money you can have, what you can experience and what is possible for you!

Did you know animals can talk? It’s interesting to observe animals misbehaving when we don’t listen to them.  They know what they require and they’ll communicate that to you, if you’re able to receive it.  Animals telepathically pick up on all your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  That’s language to them and they can give you the whole picture of what’s going on for them, if you ask the question.

What if your animals are more conscious than you are? When you acknowledge their consciousness, they will start to behave differently with you.  They can teach you how to have a more expansive reality and they’ll give this to you if you will listen.  Animals can help you learn to function with the Earth. That is the gift of being able to talk to them.