Salon des Femmes

Telecall Series Part 2

For Women Only!

Ask and you shall receive! The women on the first 10 calls have been getting so much out of this conversation, they asked for more…and Gary obliged us with 4 additional calls. This is not the end, rather the beginning of greater possibilities for the women who choose it.

Telecall Series Part 1

Have you ever wondered what it would take to create phenomenal relationships and true intimacy with others?


Men will go to war but women will do battle… all the time

War is where there are definite sides. Battle does not matter what goes on there is a fight that has to happen and you are always in a state of combat with the people you are with.

I do not understand why that is so with women, but I find that it is so.

My desire is to give women in the world a greater sense of peace with others and peace with self and the place where they would not feel like they have to fight for everything they are getting. There are a whole lot of lies out there. One of the lies that I see that permeates the female universe is that men have kept women down forever which means that a women must always fight to get anything she wants instead of realizing ?how can I manipulate to get what I want?? or ?how do I do this in a different way?? There becomes no question in ?men have always kept women down.?

The reality is, historically speaking, any woman who wanted to get something always got it.There were women who were controllers of businesses, nations and all kinds of stuff for thousands of years, but they were the women who were going to get it and nobody was going to stop them. And that’s the place you have to come from, not from ?Ive been kept down? but instead ?how do I get what I really want??

You don’t have to prove you are better than a man. You are better than a man.

My mother got everything she wanted. She would use her feminine wiles and she would have men falling over her trying to deliver thing for her. Then I have these friends going ?I don’t need a man, get out of my way.? Then they wonder why they cant get do relationships, they wonder why things don’t work the way they want.

That’s the target I have in doing the class is that you know how to create a target and know how to get there, and you know how to use everything, including your feminine wiles.

DISCLAIMER: Please don’t take any of this seriously or make it significant. Our target here is to create more ease and peace with females and males. It is not to create separation or judgement. What if you lived in a world where everybody was kind to each other? What if you were the one that could assist in creating that?