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What can you buy today that prepares for the future you desire?

The dynamic tools and techniques offered by Access Consciousness are delivered through seminars, teleseries, books, audios and consultations.


Choice of Possibilities Feb-18 Denver

Ready for some change?
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The Lady the Elegance of Needless Feb-18 Teleseries 3

The gift of being a lady is that you can change anything.
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Art of Creation Jan-18 Venice

What would you create today if you knew you could not fail?
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Choice of Possibilities Jan-18 Vienna

Your choice can change anything. Are you ready to begin the journey of choice?
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Bypassing the Stupids Jan-18 Teleseries

Bypassing the stupids is about recognizing the people that are actually stupid and realizing the brilliance of you.
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The Lady the Elegance of Needless Dec-17 Teleseries 2

A lady never has to judge, she only has to choose.
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The Lady The Elegance of Needless Nov-17 Teleseries

These seven days will invite you to go beyond everything that has ever been and aggressively create the future you know you want to have.
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Business Time – Nov 17 – Teleseries 2

There is a difference in the way business can be done as opposed to the predictable business most people function from.
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Choice of Possibilities Nov-17 Noosa

Choice is the beginning of all creation. Every time you choose, something shows up in your life because of your choice. There’s no right or wrong choice. There’s just choice.
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Choice of Possibilities Oct-17 Rio de Janeiro

The Choice of Possibilities (COP) class is where you begin to see what is actually possible for you and where you begin to recognize that your choice is all it takes to create it.
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Conscious Kids, Conscious Kids Sept-17 Teleseries

Your kids need you to show them what it’s like to be a parent so they can be a better parent in the future.
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When Sex is Not Fun and Relationship is Fleeting, What Choices Do You Have? September 2017 – Los Angeles, California

This class is about recognizing the places that you are creating from that continually spin you out and leave you running in circles…
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