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What can you buy today that prepares for the future you desire?

The dynamic tools and techniques offered by Access Consciousness are delivered through seminars, teleseries, books, audios and consultations.

Man carring elephant on his back over sharks

Projection, Expectation, Separation, Judgment and Rejection Telecall Series

What if you could create your life instead of destroy it? What if you could create infinite possibilities, rather than eliminate them? What if there was a possibility for a totally different reality?

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A whole apple and an apple core on a table

Addressing the Lies of Bodies Telecall Series

What have you been told about bodies that is actually not true? The idea of this series is to take away the lies about your body and give you a place to be with your body that doesn’t require judgment… a place form which you can actually create!

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A World of Choice, A World of Freedom – 4-Part Telecall Series – August, 2015

The world of choice is where all possibilities become a place you can create from.

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Advanced Pragmatic Psychology – August, 2015 – Chicago, Illinois USA

What if mental illnesses are capacities that you have not yet discovered? And what if your insanity is the sanity that changes the world?

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Living in a World of Possibilities Telecall Series

What if you were to realize that we live in a world of possibilities? What magic could you create from that space?

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9 Trannies Class – July 2015 – Copenhagen

This 3-day class will unlock what is required for you to be and have everything you’ve been asking for.

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The Joy of Thinking – November 2015 – Noosa, Australia

The Joy of Thinking is that most people use thinking as a mental masturbation, they do thought as a way of trying to come to conclusion.

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The Home of Infinite Possibilities

The Home of Infinite Possibilities is where you realize that your home exists where Infinite Possibilities begin.

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Earth and dark blue sky

Phenomenance of Business – 6-Part Telecall Series – April, 2015

The Phenomenance of Business is about using business to create a different reality, rather than just using business to be more successful. What if you created possibilities with business?

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