Phenomenance of Embodiment


The Phenomenance of Embodiment is about the body within this reality. It’s about recognizing how the body is subject to this reality and how you can create something greater. The limitations of this reality are designed to stop you from creating something greater or different.

People currently think that embodiment is just their body. But if you actually embody the totality of this reality, and use your body with it, a different possibility can show up.

You embody this reality. In so doing, you have access to the phenomenance of embodiment and of the body, which is the willingness to live in the question of what you and your body can create. We’ve always looked at the body as something separate from us, outside of us and not something that is our helpmate. Our bodies desire to help us in whatever we want to create, but we usually don’t ask. In this call I would like people to get the ability to ask their body for help and for their body to be able to give it.