Phenomenance of Business

April 2015 Teleseries

The Phenomenance of Business is about using business to create a different reality, rather than just using business to be more successful. What if you created possibilities with business? The truth is that there are only possibilities available if we are willing to create something greater.

Many people focus on short term gains to the exclusion of what would create a sustainable future for them, their families, and their communities. You’ve got to look at the different futures that can be created.

If we continue to function from using and abusing the earth to get what we want, the end result is going to be a world that’s not livable.

If your target was to create a world that was sustainable – a world that would continue to grow and expand far beyond what it currently is – what would you do or be different? If you start to look at what might be possible that you hadn’t considered, you start to look at every possibility, instead of just looking from one point of view.

What if in asking all these questions, you begin to create a culture of question, a culture of possibility, and a culture of contribution, and made more money than you ever dreamt of?