Obesity Clinic

November 2017 – Calls 7-12

What if you could begin to generate your life from contribution?

True generation begins when you function from choice, possibilities, contribution, and questions. When you start to function from that, you start to be able to create what you would like. Your priorities start to become what’s going to expand everybody, not just you.

Enjoy a totally new possibility in this phenomenal call from the Club Gold membership.

August 2016 – Calls 1-6

“I did an Obesity Clinic focus group to get information about what I needed to do different with obesity, and that has given me a whole lot of information about how I can change things. Although participants in the Clinic didn’t ‘lose weight,’ they changed in their physical make up in the sense that they became more comfortable with their bodies, started to enjoy their bodies and began to move different with their bodies.” – Gary Douglas

Would you like to be happy with your body, whether you get skinnier or not? The truth of obesity is that it’s really about a judgment. It’s not about reality. It’s a judgment. It’s a judgment that was created by others based on what they decided was actually obesity that actually has nothing to do with what’s true for your body. What does your body want to be or do that you’re not acknowledging? Join Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer for these very special calls.