Need and Tug

July 2014 – Teleseries

This class is based on the book, The Place, and how the character Jake manages to ask of the earth in order to find gold. He asks based on a point of view of need, and shows us how you can pull from need instead of how you make a problem from need.

Most people go “Oh, I need this!” but it’s not an energy of invitation it¹s an energy of rejection. So this is the place where you use how you “need” in your life to get the universe to support you.

Need & Tug and the Law of Attraction Excerpt from Need & Tug call #1

G: I doubt that there’s anybody out there, and if there is please tell me, that has not had the experience of looking at somebody and going, “I need to have sex with that person” or “I need that person in my life” and then the person start to become attracted to you because you have the energy of attracting them into your life.

What we tend to do is we’ll do that with sex, we’ll do that with relationship, we’ll do that with friends, but we won’t do it with money, we won’t do it with gold, we won’t do it with great things in our lives. It’s not really different energy, it’s the same energy and it’s the energy you have to learn to use to actually attract to you what you’d like to have. This is the true law of attraction folks, that they didn’t mention in the law of attraction. So, it’s not about what you say, it’s about the energy you’re creating from. So look at your life where you went ‘Oh my God, I’d like to have this!’ and it showed up instantaneously….