Magic.You Are It. Be It.

Keynote Speaker – Celebration Fair 100th Anniversary

From Gary Douglas as the keynote speaker at the Celebration Metaphysical Fair 100th Anniversary in Colorado Springs, Colorado. USA.

In “MAGIC. You ARE It. Be It.” Gary Douglas will share processes, tools and points of view that you can use to create consciousness and magic- and change your life in ways you may not even be able to imagine.

Magic is about the fun of having the things you desire.  In a larger way, magic is about consciousness – not the addendum TO your life, it’s consciousness AS your life.  You can function from consciousness every moment you’re alive.  When you do, your life becomes truly magical and there’s nothing you can’t generate.

Magic is about living in the question.  We actually create by living in the question. The Universe will provide infinitely — if you ask and you’re willing to listen and receive. Living in the question means using questions to bypass the limited answers your mind provides. The more you live in the question, the more infinite possibilities will show up for you. You can bypass 90 percent of the steps that humans have to go through to create something when you are willing to have the magic and live in the question.

When you live in the question, you ask a question to create an invitation. When you ask a question like, How Does it Get Any Better Than This? The universe will give you opportunities for that to happen.

Join Gary in this life-changing talk about how you can change your life being the Magic that you are!