Losing the Ache of Dissatisfaction

March 2016 Paris

Imagine living a life where loss was not a reality? A life where you were not disappointed by your choices — past or present?

What if everything your are creating is actually an adventure? And what if that adventure, whatever it looks like, could never disappoint you?

If you lost the ache of dissatisfaction you wouldn’t be wouldn’t be your nationality anymore… You would lose the definitions that you’ve been living by because when you’re actually satisfied and life is working for you; the joy of living starts to dominates every part of your life! – Gary Douglas

This special one-time evening class was facilitated by the founder and co-creator of Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer. It is a unique possibility to explore how the tools of Access Consciousness can be applied to one of those areas that no one ever talks about in this reality: DISSATISFACTION.