Kindness with Money

October 2012 Teleseries

What is Kindness with money?

It’s beginning to see how money doesn’t have to be either what you require of others or what others require of you, or even about what’s fair and just. Money doesn’t function from fair and just, money functions from the joy of it and the possibility of it. If you start to create the monitory life you have from the kindness and the joy of it, you create then possibility.

What are you looking for with your money? Are you looking to control people? Are you looking to control yourself? Expand people? Limit your life…WHAT?

Unfortunately most people do “money police” and they want a just exchange for everything that they do.What if there was no exchange? What if exchange was bigger than that? What else could you create and generate that would make you life better? What would kindness with money look like?Not having a point of view about how much it cost you, but having a point of view about what you choose was actually creating and generating the life you would like to have.

Do you have to have money to have “Kindness with Money”? No you don’t! You just have to choose it.