I get around

May 2016 Teleseries

I Get Around! – How To Get Around The Fixed Points Of View That Limit You.

What if you no longer need reasons and justifications for the things you haven’t been able to change? What if all you have to do is look for a way around the fixed point of view that is limiting you? Did you know that the whole universe starts to work for you when you’re willing to go around anything?

“Sensing the energy is consciousness. Cognition and cognitively knowing something is where you can use your mind to wrap around it, and stop it and not get free. It’s so much more fun to have a cognitive point of view so you don’t actually have to change anything though, isn’t it?” -Gary Douglas

Listen to Gary talk about Getting Around the Obstacles in Your Life HERE and enjoy the theme song for this Telecall, specifically picked out by Gary HERE! 

Never give up. Never give in. Never quit. And Always look for a way around. 

Are you ready?