Gentlemen’s Club

Tools to Thrive in A Female World

Men Only!

Welcome to the Gentlemen’s Club!

This is a class that Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, has created to teach men how to recognize how to be them without giving themselves up and creating a relationship with a woman that will work for them without the sense that somehow they’re not valuable. This is the possibility of what can be in relationship that hasn’t been.

This is the place where men learn how to be men without thinking they’re wrong. Since women’s lib, men have always been made wrong for being men.

“I want you to learn how to be a man who doesn’t have to apologize for being a man, and knows how to get a woman to be a woman without trying to be a man. That’s what this class is about, welcome to the Gentlemen’s Club.” ~Gary Douglas

This club offers men the possibility to access a part of themselves that they rarely have. In the company of men, they will be free to explore who they be and the areas of life they would like to expand but are usually overlooked. How to be with women, with themselves and each other are all areas that each participant will contribute to building the club that men would like to have for them. In a spirit of being true gentlemen we will give each other a unique perspective on what could be if it wasn’t wrong to be a man.