Divorceless Relationships

by Gary M. Douglas

What if you don’t have to divorce you in order to create an intimate relationship?

Most of us spend a lot of time divorcing parts and pieces of ourselves in order to care for someone else. For example, you like to go jogging but instead of jogging, you spend that time with your partner to show him or her that you really care. I love you so much that I would give up this thing that is valuable to me so I can be with you. This is one of the ways you divorce you to create an intimate relationship. How often does divorcing you really work in the long run?

When you give up any part of yourself, you give up what was so attractive about you to that other person in the first place and pretty soon the other person doesnt want to be with you anymore.

A divorceless relationship is one where you dont have to divorce any part of you in order to be in a relationship with someone else. It is a place where everyone and everything you are in a relationship with can become greater as a result of the relationship.

Divorceless Relationships contains tools, exercises and processes you can use to:

  • Create divorceless relationships
  • Discover what you would like as a relationship
  • Discover what is true for you
  • Use energy to attract the person you’re interested in
  • Know when its time to leave a relationship
  • Renew and recreate your relationship with your partner
  • Bring sex back into your relationship
  • Turn your lover on