Deal & Deliver for your Life

February 2016 Teleseries

What is Deal & Deliver for Your Life Teleseries?

With this telecall, I would like people to understand the things they’re not getting about deal and deliver and address people’s unwillingness to see where they don’t understand this topic.

Some people act as if they understand deal and deliver, but they actually don’t. People should be having more awareness, not less.

The gift of deal and deliver is that instead of having ‘foggy’ areas in your life, you have clarity. You get to know what’s actually true for you and true for the other person. You don’t go into anything from the point of view that leaves you with less than possibility.

Most people come to conclusion, thinking that if they can come to enough conclusions, then things will work. Unfortunately, more conclusions do not lead to more workability. More conclusion just means more conclusion.