Creation of Wealth


If you were offered either one million dollars cash right now or a penny doubled each day for 30 days, what would you choose?

If you were smart, you’d choose the penny. A penny doubled each day for 30 days would give you far more than one million dollars. But, no one is saving pennies these days…ever notice?

What if every penny you spent was a choice and a possibility instead of something that was worth wasting?

When you spend money to create money, instead of spending money to spend money, you begin to create a future that has money in it, instead of a future that has lots of things that have little to no value.

What if creating wealth from a penny a day is actually possible? How many mathematical computations have you used to justify that a wealthy future is not possible for you? What could you create, that you’ve never created before, if you allowed your future to have money and wealth in it?

Gary Douglas and Dain Heer know a thing or two about creating wealth from almost nothing. Whether you’re looking to double your pennies or double your fortune, this is a totally different approach to the creation of wealth that you will not want to miss. This interactive, five series telecall will empower you to tap into what you truly know about creation, money and finances and give you practical tools to start creating a wealthy and abundant future right away.

This class will explore what is truly possible if we were start nurturing our future with every penny we spend. Are you ready for that?