Create Or Die

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What if your choices truly do make a difference not only in our world at large but also in the lives of the people in your own lives?

What if create or die is choosing to create something different rather than believing you don’t have a choice?

Every time you make a choice, any choice, you actually create something. If you make a small choice based on your judgement of whether you are doing something right, good, perfect or correct or best, you are creating from judgment. Does judgment really create your life or does it destroy it?

“If you are looking to the past for creation you are not moving in to the possibilities of the future, you are only going to create more of what you already have. If what you have now is not big enough, it’s not good enough, it’s not fun enough, you are going the wrong direction.” – Gary Douglas

How often do you only make small choices because you don’t want to be responsible for screwing something up big time? If you are making only small choices because you don’t want to be responsible for making a big screw up then basically what happens is that any choice you make is going to be a screw up. And you have to use judgement against yourself the whole time to figure out whether you made the right choice or the wrong choice!