Conversations In Consciousness

6 Part Telecall Series

Conversations in Consciousness is a very different class. It’s not so much about processing as it is about how to speak from a place of consciousness, how to look at things in your life from a conscious place, and how to change the point of view you have that is sticking you so that something will be different.  ~ Gary Douglas

This class is consciousness in action.It is the way Gary looks at and applies the tools of Access to his life and how he gives advice to people in his life who ask for it

Deal & Deliver – December 2014 Teleseries

Welcome to Deal & Deliver Teleseries!

This call will assist you to gain clarity when making any kind of deal with someone — in regards to your job, your business, your relationships, family, friends, etc.

What if this call could change everything with how you function in business and in your life?

This call is originally from the Conversations In Consciousness Teleseries with Gary Douglas.

Friendship Teleseries

From the extraordinary “Conversations In Consciousness” telecall series: FRIENDSHIP – how to create friendships that work for you.

Platforms Teleseries

From the extraordinary “Conversations In Consciousness” telecall series: PLATFORMS – how to create for your future in everything you do.

Practical information for creating in a way that gives you a launch pad into greater and ever expanding possibilities. We have been taught to create a foundation to build from, what if a platform works better? Find out the difference and so much more in this amazing call!