Come off Wait into Create!

Oct-16 Teleseries

Have you been waiting for the right moment, situation, person, amount of money or anything else to show up, before you start to create?

For most of us there is something we wish to create that’s a gift to the world; something that says we made the earth a better place by being here. If that’s true for you then why not use all the elements that are available to create your dreams?

What are you waiting for?

If you are waiting or slowing yourself down, then you are assuming there is a time for you to be, rather than the possibility for you to be all the time.

You have to be willing to expand your life to create something greater. And that means getting off wait, into create. You’ve got to look at ‘what do I want to create as my life?’ And when you make the demand that no matter what it takes you are going to create what you know can be in the world, then that’s when you’re being, and then every moment becomes a choice for you.