Blessed Possibilities

by Gary M. Douglas

When you function from possibilities and you ask, “What’s really possible here?” a whole new world is going to open up for you. The whole universe wants to contribute to you. The world wants to give you everything you desire—but you don’t ask. The blessed choice of possibility is the way the universe can contribute to you and create something you never knew was possible. ~ Gary M. Douglas

In Blessed Possibilities, Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, has vibrant, funny, profound, and sometimes stunning conversations with the participants at an Access Consciousness seven-day event, where no question is banned and no topic is out of bounds. Discover what is possible for YOU as Gary asks tough questions, facilitates clearings, offers simple but effective tools and invites you to step out of being a slave to this reality and into the blessed possibilities.

What are the possibilities you have never even considered? What if there’s a different possibility for the creation of money? What if you can actually do things you never thought were possible? What if you discovered—and lived—your reality? What if you created what was possible with your body? What if finding your sexual reality would open you up to a whole different universe of living? What if you lived on the creative edge of possibility

You, as an infinite being, have infinite choice, infinite question, infinite possibilities, and infinite contribution, but you are rejecting the gift of possibility. ~ Gary Douglas