Advanced Manipulation

5 Part Teleseries

This telecall is about learning how to use what will create to get more out of life.

We have been taught that it’s bad to manipulate, but without manipulation we have to lose part of what our capacities are. You want to be able to have all your capacities and not just have part of them!

This call will hopefully get you to the recognition that being aware of what people can hear will create a greater result than what they’re currently getting with the constitutions and expectations that they are trying to use to get where they want to go.

“It’s this amazing gift that we have. If you are willing to manipulate, then it is that thing of artfully, skillfully changing a situation and creating something greater.’ – Gary Douglas

“The gift of this series was the awareness that manipulation isn’t a dirty word. In fact, its an awesome possibility creator, and useful in creating situations that allow for even greater possibilities to show up. I am so grateful to be shown this awareness, and how it can apply in everyday life. Its also awesome to see how it is part of the deal & deliver possibility. Thank you Gary for all you show us as possibilities.” – S. Sargent

What if manipulation is one of the tools for creation you’ve been seeking?