Addressing the Lies of Bodies

Telecall Series

What have you been told about bodies that is actually not true?

Are you embodying the lies you have been told like “you are what you eat?” or “It’s genetic.” Do you believe exercise is the only way to get a result or lose weight? Is your body ever truly “good enough” for you? Or are you constantly trying to figure out how to have a better body or fix what’s wrong with it?

The idea of this series is to take away the lies about your body and give you a place to be with your body that doesn’t require judgment… a place form which you can actually create!

“Conflict with your body is based on a judgment of your body.” Gary Douglas

What if there is something else that is possible beyond the judgments that you have been using as though they will create the body you desire? Is it time to address the lies you have about bodies and to start creating a different possibility?

For this one, you may want to ask your body!