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Choice of Possibilities-Aug18 Buenos Aires

What if your choice was not right or wrong but good for you?
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What do you need? What do you require? What do you desire? And why aren’t you getting it?

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Manipulation 101 Jul-18 Teleseries

A new video course you are all going to need. How many of you refuse to lie? How many of you tell the truth? How many of you lie to yourself all the time?
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Bodies a Tool a Weapon a Gift or a Possibility Jun-18 Teleseries

At what age did you give up your body as a great tool?
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Choice of Possibilities Jul-18 Washington DC

What’s actually possible?
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Business Time Apr-18 Teleseries 1-4

There is a difference in the way business can be done as opposed to the predictable business most people function from.
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Never Give Up Never Give In & Never Quit Apr-18 Teleseries

If nothing could stop you, what could you create?
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9 Trannies Jun-18 Dublin

Are you ready to be all the magic that you truly are, beyond what this reality offers?
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Choice of Possibilities May-18 Costa Rica

Choice is the space from which you can change anything.
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Choice of Possibilities Apr-18 Vancouver

The Choice of Possibilities (COP) class is where you begin to see what is actually possible for you and where you begin to recognize that your choice is all it takes to create it.
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The Global Foundation Apr-18 Houston

What if it’s possible to change anything?
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Changing the Issues that Abuse has Dominated Your Life With Feb-18 Houston

This is a class that will talk about abuse in all its forms, allowing you to change where you’ve been abused.
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