Pragmatic Psychology

Jun 25, 2015 | Perspective

Pragmatic Psychology Isn’t Only For Psychologists.
It’s About Creating Your Life.

Psychology was originally the study of knowing. It has been changed over the years to be the study of how to make people behave. Pragmatic Psychology returns us to the basis of psychology. It’s the return to knowing and awareness. Pragmatic Psychology isn’t only for psychologists. It’s about creating your life.

Are you holding onto what hasn’t worked as though some day, it might be valuable? Get rid of what doesn’t work and then you can create. In your business, your life, and your relationship, if you let go of everything that was yesterday, you can be on the creative edge of things today. It’s the pragmatic thing to do if you wish to go beyond something that doesn’t work and onto something that will work.

I function from pragmatic choice, which means I deal with what is—with facts and observable occurrences rather than constructs and ideals. It’s got to be practical. It’s got to be something I can use.

You have to create today in order to have what you want tomorrow. If you don’t institute things today, if you don’t generate and create today, when you get to the future, you’re not going to have what you’d like to have.

You’ve got to be willing to be everything you can be as you. You have to honor who and what you are. You have to commit to you. Making a commitment to you is about the willingness to recognize what is true for you and to be that, whether anybody else goes for it or not.

Most people think commitment means you are required to deliver what you promised. True commitment is the recognition of what you would like most to be committed to. Never diminish your awareness in favor of other people’s points of view. You know what you know, no matter what other people say.

What if you no longer had to be the victim of your past, or your conditioning? What if you no longer had to be at the effect of other people? What if you knew you had total choice? What if you could create your life and live the way you truly desire?

Pragmatic Psychology is about asking questions to find out what is, instead of what the mind thinks is going on. It is about finding out who you are, what you are capable of, and what is truly possible for you.

Pragmatic Psychology is about getting everything out of the way that does not allow you to be you. It is applying the tools of Access Consciousness® to psychology and therapy to create a different perspective and a greater possibility for change.

If you wish to lead a life without limitation, you have to make a commitment to living a life without limitation. Are you willing to commit to you, regardless of anything? Pragmatic Psychology invites you to you know that you have choice, where you ask the questions that create greater possibilities for you and your life, and where you contribute to the creation of what you truly desire. What else is possible that you have never considered?

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