Need & Tug with Money

Jul 29, 2014 | Money

Excerpt from Need & Tug tele series call #1

Talking about things that we ‘need’ and how often we create the opposite of what we would like, such as drama, devastation, upset and intrigue.

Can you talk about exactly what need is? Because I’ve misidentified that so much.

There’s a difference between need and needy. Needy is “Oh my God, I have nothing and somebody needs to give it to me!”; Need is “I’m going to have this in my life, I don’t know how but I’m going to have this in my life, this is something worth having.”

It’s about the wort of it that you’ve got to get. Need from ‘I’m worthless’ is not need of create, it’s need of destruction.

“I need to have a private jet’ not because it’s a terrible thing if I don’t, but because it would be so much more fun and easier! But that’s what I’m looking for, what’s more fun and ease in the way I create, not devastation.

When you look at that you would like to create a jet, you don’t look from the perspective of limitation, you look from the perspective of possibility and outside the constructs of time, is that right?

Yes, because as long as you’re looking through any kind of construct of time, what that creates is the devastation and catastrophe stuff. If you just go, ‘OK, I need to have a Jet, what would that take?’ it’s a whole different energy. Do you feel the difference in that energy?

So if you say,”‘I need to have more money” but with that sort of light-hearted air about it, not that “God, I need money!” and I know a lot of you have done the “I need money” thing from the harshness of it, and that harshness and devastation of it as a point of view, all that does is push money away from you.

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